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Kat Sheehan
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hey guys, Kat here. Figured it was about time to start uploading some of my work. Mostly just pencil on paper stuff, doodles and early conceptual pieces for future projects. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look at my stuff. Take 'er easy :D
I would just like to take the time to personally thank AbyssWatcher :iconabysswatchers: again for the amazing work he has done for me over the past year, roughly. He has taken my personal content (content that is truly important to me on a very deep level) and made them truly wonderful pieces of art. He has taken my crude concepts and made them fully realized masterpieces and for that, I am truly thankful. It has been truly fantastic working with him and I look forward to potentially working with him in the future.

Below are the pieces he did for me:

Spirit Druid by AbyssWatchers Goth by AbyssWatchers Nemesis by AbyssWatchers Majesty of Blades by AbyssWatchers

If anyone is interested in seeing the original concept, they are more them welcome to view them in my personal….

Again, thank you AbyssWatcher :iconabysswatchers:, you're work has been very important.


This is a personal piece, and the first painting I have ever done. The medium is oil on canvas. It's a gift to my father for father's day, I am not very proficient in this medium and I do not plan to attempt another oil painting. First and last attempt.
Demonic Mind Slave
Once a proud, noble warrior, the Demonic Mind Slave is now just a shell of it's former self. Infested by terrible demonic magics, this poor soul has found new life in helplessly obeying the demon that converted him into this vile form.
A master of deception and misdirection, Blaydra is a sinister female dark mage with powerful magic that can tear the minds of her helpless victims to shreds. She can flood people with raw negative emotion that is so powerful they often choose death over the sheer pain of the dark artistry forced upon them.
Lady Obskura
Lady Obskura is a fiendish demon that enters the mortal realm to drain her victims of their life force using black magic and cunning. She has an arsenal of weapons at her disposal that she fashions out of vile shadow-like poison which she can solidify and pierce her enemies.
Claye is a massive beast-man that wanders the forests and plains in a state of perpetual loneliness. In his travels he has found scripts and pages of lesser necromancy that he one days wishes to animate a companion to break his chain of singularity. His ability with magic is terribly weak and this facilitates his rage and sadness even more, making him and terrifying force.


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